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Ben and Ciara came to Apple Camping and shot an upbeat, fun representation of the madness that I am developing at the moment. They are enthusiastic, positive, and did a great job. We'd very much love for them to return to do an update one day.

Toby Rhys Davies

Owner, Apple Camping



Healthy stay

Ben and Ciara delivered work above our expectations. Professional, respectful, friendly and easy and fun to work with. They came well prepared and you could see that they did their research about us and our concept.

They have portrayed our concept very well in a short video. We are very happy with their job and we would like to work with them again in the future for sure!

Barbara & Martin

Owners, Ecocirer


Ben & Ciara were super friendly and easy to work with, and their set up is really slick and professional. They were prepared & efficient but still managed to make sure they covered everything important to get our message across. I would definitely recommend working with them to any sustainable projects out there!

Megan Adams


Greens For Good


It was lovely to have Ben and Ciara with us for some filing in our shop. They are both so lovely and friendly, but also super professional, creative and skilled at what they do. I loved the pictures and footage they created for us and highly recommend.

Hannah Colbert

Owner, Greener Habits Co.

Going Green Media are an inspiration to many across the globe. Working with Ben and Ciara was a dream! Having them visit our hydroponic vertical farm in Liverpool was very exciting and their presence was very friendly and helpful!

When it comes down to spreading environmental good across the globe, Going Green Media really does exactly that. Their work and passionate drive to document environmentally led projects accelerates innovative businesses and organisations like ourselves; that bring us one step closer to a more equitable and sustainable future for everyone.


Farm Urban Ltd